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Worth A Damn


From the BBC’s When Albums Ruled the World.

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The Bosh Face KILLS me…




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Trailer: ‘Fury' - Nov. 14

Written and directed by David Ayer, starring Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal, Jason Isaacs, Michael Pena and Scott Eastwood.


Beer vendor, ca. 1945

Wrigley Field

Chicago, Illinois

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Looks like he’d sampled the goods a time or two that day. Or 12.

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South Boston Legal

Justice delivered South Boston–style. Wicked NSFW.

wicked awesome. go sawx!

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Saturday vinyl session, Part 4.
Soundgarden - Superunknown

-Soundgarden is one of my favorite bands & this record is one of the few I personally put in the “Perfect Record” category (i.e. the rarely achieved ‘no skips’ distinction if you’re listening to it on your iPhone/iPod/digital media player of choice)

I picked this copy up on an online action through The Old LP a few years back for an absolute STEAL; Auction was based in England and I got it, shipping and all, for less than $25 US, this is a record that on average right now goes for almost $80 (higher if the jacket is in better condition than the copy I have, which isn’t bad but not perfect either.) This is the 2x12” gatefold on transparent orange that was a Limited Edition in Europe 20 years ago, pretty stoked to have it in the collection. The fact that it’s one of my favorite albums of all time doesn’t hurt either.

Saturday vinyl session, Part 3.
Jack White - Lazaretto (Ultra Edition)

-Another of my favorite releases of 2014 and this edition, with the reverse groove & all the other bells and whistles is a sight (and sound) to behold.


Oh, it’s just the first couple of Americana goofin’ during soundcheck.

Saturday vinyl session, Part 2.
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin

-Its fucking Led Zeppelin. It rules. It’s one of the true definitions of rock and roll. Any day, any time is a good time to listen to Zep.

Also, “Dazed and Confused” is better than just about everything else ever. So, there’s that….

Saturday vinyl session, Part 1.

The War On Drugs - Lost in the Dream

-Quickly moving up the ranks toward the top of my favorite 2014 releases. It’s in the mix at the top with a couple of releases from the first half of this year (Drive By Truckers, Matt Woods, Jack White) and could very well end up at the very top of the list when it’s all said and done. Great record for a lazy Saturday morning or a chill Friday night.

Drive By Truckers | 6.21.14.

1. Self-Destructive Zones 
2. When He’s Gone
3. 18 Wheels of Love
4. Carl Perkins’ Cadillac
5. The Buford Stick
6. Made Up English Oceans
7. The Righteous Path
8. A Ghost to Most
9. Pauline Hawkins
10. Get Downtown
11. Lookout Mountain
12. Shit Shots Count
13. Hell No, I Ain’t Happy
14. Zip City
15. Grand Canyon

It’s been a real Dave Matthews Band heavy week at the mailbox…